Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 2   Area: Literature

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This research deals with the efforts of Imam Abd al-Hamid al-Farahi al-Hindi in the Arabic language, especially his book Jamahrat al-Balaghah, which is the sign of Arabic and interpretation, one of the veterans of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries AH. Where he was born, may God have mercy on him, in the year 1280 AH in the village of Fariha - from the villages of the Directorate of the greatest hatred in India - and Ibn Khalil was the sign of the East and historian of Islam, Sheikh Shibli Al-Nu'mani - may God bless him with his mercy -. He died in the year 1349 AH, corresponding to 1930 CE. Al-Farahi called for establishing the art of rhetoric on foundations stemming from the Noble Qur´an and the words of the noble Arabs, so he wrote his book The Jamahiriya of Rhetoric in which he broke the basis on which the art of rhetoric is based in Aristoteles, which is the theory of simulation. Al-Farahi believes that the art of Arabic rhetoric was influenced by this theory. The importance of the research: In this paper, I explain the methodology of Imam al-Farahi in the community of rhetoric, then the influence of the rhetoric of the Ajam on the eloquence of the Arabs, and the concept of the rhetoric of the Arabs according to Imam al-Farahi, Aristotle and the theory of simulation, then the research leads us to an explanation of the impact of poetry and eloquent prose of Imam al-Farahi. Research objectives: The research aims to: Rapid review of the efforts made in serving the Arabic language in the countries of the Indian subcontinent through the centuries until the era of Imam Farahi. Brief introduction to some Indian scholars who have a great contribution to serving the Arabic language. The comprehensive definition of Imam Al-Farahi, and highlighting his scientific contributions in the field of Arabic language and Quranic studies, whether in Arabic or Urdu. Research methodology: The research is based on three approaches: inductive, analytical, and deductive. This, in turn, showed us the efforts of Imam Abd al-Hamid al-Farahi in the Arabic language, especially writing Jamah al-Balagha. I concluded at the end of the research that Al-Farahi, with his in-depth study of the Arabic language, its literature and its sciences, had become to have a wonderful linguistic sense and a fine Arabic taste like the play of sincerity, but with all these advantages that were embodied in his personality, another characteristic that overtook all of these advantages was the love of the Holy Quran, which was above all Something and the greatness of these two villages will not be felt except by those who are pure Arab

Keywords: The Efforts, of Imam Abd al-Hamid Al-Farahi, in the Arabic Language