Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 3   Area: Historical Studies

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The historical method is a return to pastby collecting evidence ,evaluating it, then scrutinizing it and finallly composing it, so thatthe facts are presented first in a correct presentation in their meaning and in their composition, and until then a conclusion is reached at a group of conclusions with correct scientific evidence. Archeology is very important in historical research, as it is the winess to past ages, and the extent to which ancient civillization and islamic civilization have reached in terms of progress and advancement in all areas of life, as well as they benefit the researcher in history in identifying the degree of professional mastery reached by muslim a rtists in different eras, as archaeologists look to know how civilizations developed, and to know the place and time in wich this development occured, as well as looking into the causes of the changes that made people in the ancient world stop hunting and turn to agreculture, and from researchers are those who research the emergence and development and even the extinction of ancient cities and the economic, social and religious life of these people, such as the maya civilization and others, and in order for archaeologists to achieve these and other goals, they must have scientific research methods and technique, and because archeology it is considred one of the branches of the human sciences as it depends on the basic curricula of the human science in its theoretical part it is based on the analytical, descriptive and historical approach . How do archaeologists apply the historical method in their research and archaeological studies ?.

Keywords: Method, Historical, Archaeological Studies