Year:2020   Volume: 2   Issue: 1   Area: Law

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Khaled A. Tumi


This study presents five main approaches; In rooting of methodology for the subject of the study; Taking into consideration the analysis of the status of the transformations That has occurred to human life; Which are makes the human subject to a number of influences that compel him to search for alternatives necessary to overcome a certain situation, or aspiration to a better situation, so that he can meet the needs and get rid of the problems arising from the previous situation; Likewise same applies to the culture of dealing with the new situations as a condition in accepting the models of transformation and its image, except that transformations can't be isolated from the spatial and temporal influences, without the human and material factors in achieving it; nor can it relate to the side Limited aspects of the lives of nations and peoples without influence Other aspects; This is due to more than one reason. Therefore; its study requires familiarity with the various changes that contributed to shaping the transformation in one form or another. Whatever the reasons for the transformation and its interpretations, which are can be seen through the gains that are made or lost during the processes of change or transition from time period to another. furthermore; shows the importance of time in terms of its suitability for these transformations or not. Which making a good parallel to the nature of its results, and the implications of this on the social, cultural, communication, historical and economic realities.

Keywords: Social, Cultural, Communication, Historical, Economic, Transformations, North Africa.