Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 3   Area: Education

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Kamilia Radi SOUL, Lina BOULOS


As developments in the twenty-first century have provided new capabilities that can make the process of teaching and learning more experiential and enjoyable, educators have had to create different learning environments with a core that fosters interaction. New ways of teaching will be implemented by improving the skills of experienced teachers, but also by future teachers. Educators who are trained and prepared need time to sort out the potential of interactive technology and realize that they can influence how they teach and learn. Time allows trained and prepared teachers to develop in advance ways to incorporate interaction as an essential part of teaching. During training and support, teachers under training and preparation can positively influence seasoned teachers in relation to the practice test in chemistry classes to create interactive learning environments in the classroom. Many seasoned teachers did not grow up on purposeful learning but rather on traditional learning in terms of professional growth in the formal education environment, so it is the job of the new teachers to challenge the veteran teachers, encouraging them to change their traditional (experiential learning) method. The modern method of purposeful education is willing to incorporate different tools into purposeful teaching such as (experimental test), which is rare for experienced teachers. New teachers need to be trained in advance in ways that encourage them to think of learners as producers of knowledge rather than consumers. Think of students as producers Remember that their participation is active in the learning process, and this happens in an interactive class, which uses interactive tools. Production also means that students work at the highest level of higher-order thinking skills, such as analysis, synthesis, and presentation of knowledge to peers. These tools are available today, and teacher training courses will provide teachers with the necessary background for this new model of teaching. While there are many tools for learning through beta testing. This is necessary for teacher training programs that are attesting to progress toward beta testing, but there is more work to be done. Educators who create purposeful learning environments must be equipped with two skills, technical and pedagogical. Educators need to think carefully about the cognitive aspects of beta testing and practice creating creative lessons while taking the methodological courses. Core methods and cycles should be normalized to frameworks that emphasize meaningful learning as an integral part of the planning, design, implementation, and evaluation of student learning (Gall, 2000; Sessoms, 2008). Therefore, the role of the teacher is one that can help his students integrate what is tangible with what it actually represents. Undoubtedly, one of the tasks of science and chemistry teachers is to apply a variety of concrete methods to make the task of understanding the scientific subjects being studied easier, simple, effective, and most importantly, to make it enjoyable (Sessoms, 2008).‎

Keywords: Youtube Videos, The Motivation of Students, Experiments and Integration.