Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 6   Area: Art and Design

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Nawras Odai ALI & Ziad Odaa REBEH


The researchers studied the interplay between architecture and fashion and highlighted the common ground between architecture and fashion design. To enhance visual communication and interest. The study consisted of four chapters, the first of which focused on its methodological framework, in which its problem was determined by the following question: And what's the relationship between them? The purpose of the study was to uncover the relationship between architecture and fashion design and their mutual influence. The second focused on the relationship between fashion design and architectural design characteristics, while the third concerned fashion designers affected by architecture in their work either. (Research procedures) The research methods adopted by the researchers included: By describing the forms of architecture and analyzing the relationship between architecture and fashion design, being a suitable methodology for studying them and completing the study, the researchers identified a set of results that were consistent with the importance, purpose and purpose of the study. 1. The characteristics of architecture and costumes, whether parallel or interrelated or based on a mutual relationship, were originally established for the comfort and beauty of man depending on the dimensions of his body. The study was then concluded with conclusions, recommendations and a list of sources‎.

Keywords: Architecture, Fashion Design, Architectural Features, İnterrelationship