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Abdulnasir Mohammed Ahneesh AZWI


The Senussi movement in Libya is one of the history that must be remembered and remembered by everyone, and it has received great attention from various researchers. They have history, from this point of view I tried hard in a short period of time, and through my research in history to present in this research an article that covers an important stage of heroic stages led by the Mujahid Commander Muhammad Al-Mahdi bin Muhammad bin Ali Al-Senussi, born in 1844 AD, (in the white corner) in the city of Al-Bayda In the village of (Massa), in Libya, his father is Muhammad bin Ali Al-Senussi, known as Al-Senussi the Great, the founder of the movement, descended from the dynasty of the kings of Al-Aqsa Morocco, the descendants of Idris the Younger, the founder of the city of Fez bin Idris, the elder bin Abdullah Al-Kamil, the grandson of Al-Hassan Al-Sabt, the son of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (may God honor him) Al-Mahdi has a brother who is two years younger than him. Muhammad al-Mahdi al-Senussi is the father of the Libyan King Muhammad Idris al-Senussi (the first king of Libya after independence). Muhammad al-Mahdi was born in 1844 AD, and when his father died, Muhammad al-Mahdi al-Senussi was still a minor, so a council of commandments of ten elders was set up to take care of the matter of the Senussi movement until the Mahdi reached the age of He reached his senses, and when that was done, he took care of managing and directing the Senussi, and his brother left for educational affairs. This leader ascended to the depths of Africa to spread Islam, after he moved from the city of Jaghbub to the city of Kufra, located near Africa in the year (1895), and the city of Kufra became the main commercial center, and the Senussi reached it during his reign To the height of its power and spread, and what Muhammad al-Mahdi al-Senussi did, in order to be able to directly supervise this vast empire, he opened many corners for teaching the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet in all parts of Libya, as the sub-Zawiyas of the Senussi reached during his reign (121), a corner inside Libya from which they receive instructions And orders in all matters related to managing and expanding the matter of the Senussi call, not to mention the corners in Africa, which have come to include Muslims of all races, and the Senussi movement established the first Islamic university in Libya, in the city of Al-Bayda, and it was under the name of the first founder of the movement, Muhammad Bin Ali Al-Senussi University, the father of the master Imam: Muhammad Al-Mahdi Bin Muhammad Bin Ali Al-Senussi, and it exists to this day. The city of Kufra, after the departure of the master: the Mahdi to it, became a safe city in which caravans from all over central and northern Africa met, and these merchants and their caravans were a way to spread Islam in the remote parts of Africa, and the center of the Senussi administration was in the crown, the highest peak in the city of Kufra, and from there the Senussi call reached Carrier of Islam to the countries of Kor, Tibesti, Brkou, Andi, Darfur, Wadi, Kanem, Azkar, and Baghrami in both the Republic of Chad and all of Africa He also established a library in Kufra after the death of his father, which is considered the largest religious library in Libya at that time, and he was pledged allegiance to the senior scholars and sheikhs in the Senussi movement, so he formed a higher council of dignitaries, and he appointed a caliph in every corner that followed him to manage its affairs, educate the children, and graze the cattle. , and agriculture, and he spends it on the corner, and what is left over from it, he sends it to the rest of the corners, so he began to collect huge sums of money. The Senussi movement began during his reign to take a path for the establishment of the modern state of Libya, as we will notice that through the chapters of this research, so it arranged matters of education, industry, agriculture, trade, land reclamation, transport, supply and post. Safar 24, 1320 AH, corresponding to June 1902 AD, and through this research, I will recount the fragrant biography of the Senussi family, away from misinformation, and with all impartiality, and the biography of this leader who worked to spread the angles, and his jihadist movement that filled the corners of the globe in order to spread Islam .

Keywords: The Mujahid Imam, The Quranic Corners.