Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 2   Area: Literature

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Bushra Salam ABDUL RIDHA‎


Critics and scholars differed in Abi Tammam’s poetry in the past and the present between supporters and opponents, as his poetry represents a critical material that was and is still the subject of criticism and controversy to this day. As we look at his poetic image by considering it the ideal artistic means for conveying the poet’s experience, and embodying the content of that experience; because of its ability to interrogate the reader, and make him meditate about it in order to interpret and understand it. In this research, we shed the light on the problems of the poetic image of a poet who was deeply in love with the types of the art of figures of speech, and he was extravagant in employing the embellishments in his poetry, not shying from the exaggeration of odd words taken out from their familiar linguistic meaning to figurative, which made his poetry the focus of the attention of critics and researchers. The research presents several features found in Abu Tammam’s poetry that dressed his poetic images with mystery and strangeness, including the immersion in metaphors, and exaggeration in embellishment arts such as alliteration and analogy and others, in addition to the use of strange words, as well as exaggeration in description (accompanied by poetic evidences indication those characteristics), which led to the departure of his poetry from the ordinary, so there are many possibilities inherent in its connotations to address the mind before the conscience. The research also stops at the poet’s life and upbringing, and the impact of that on refining his talent and the brilliance of his poetics, as the poet’s upbringing in an era that witnessed a great cultural renaissance that included various aspects of life, in addition to what distinguished his person of a brilliant mentality and a broad culture that derive from his interest in poetry and his passion for itm to be shown in the poetic output he left behind, which made his poetic images a subject in the old and contemporary critical study.

Keywords: The Administrative Decision, Images of Deviation.