Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 4   Area: Economics and Business Administration

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Salima ABIDA, Aicha KHELID


This research paper aims to highlight the role of the digital economy in supporting sustainable development in Algeria, as two important alternatives to the rentier economy dependent on hydrocarbons, and because of their role in achieving sustainable economic and social development by providing jobs and transferring development to remote areas, and creating investment opportunities in ئlight of The state is directed to support emerging institutions, and Algeria has components, capabilities and natural resources that make it regionally and internationally one of the most important countries, but despite all these components and capabilities available, the reality of the digital economy and sustainable development in Algeria is weak in terms of structures, facilities, infrastructure and investment... This is what necessitates the development of a strategy in order to exploit all the possibilities and ingredients to achieve the hoped- for digital economy and sustainable development. The digital economy is an economy based on digital technology and is based on several components, including technological infrastructure, hardware, software, and networks, in addition to the digital mechanisms through which business and economic activities take place, including e- commerce, and electronic transactions that take place entirely on the Internet. A secure and holistic digital that achieves sustainable economic and social development, and enhances the capabilities of the digital economy and leadership at the national level through a comprehensive process that supports the development and development of digital skills, digital services, digital assets, the enabling environment, and digital and community leadership, in partnership with the public and private sectors and civil society institutions. The study concluded that the digital economy has a major role in the dimensions of sustainable development, but the process of activating it is still young and needs more modernization and encouragement, including the achievement of sustainable development.‎

Keywords: Digital Economy, Sustainable Development, Dimensions of Sustainable Development.

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