Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 2   Area: Education

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May Faisal AHMAD


Twinning is generally considered a form of cooperation between two or more institutions, and it is noted from this multiplicity of terms, but the meanings are similar between cooperation, twinning and partnership. in a less institutional form. As for twinning: it means that there is an entity that is considered advanced in a field that embraces another party that needs to support it to raise its level. As for partnership: it is the farthest stage, as partnership includes success and failure, and partnership is the basic principle of the twinning process, and the beneficiary partner in the twinning project is the senior management. For a country with a sufficient number of employees who have the absorptive capacity to work with a state institution of a Member State that has a similar structure. The research objectives are the following: Identifying the role of twinning programs in administrative development to exchange experiences with secondary school administrations: 1- What is the role of twinning programs in administrative development and the exchange of experiences for secondary school administrations? 2- Are there statistically significant differences at the level (0.05 ≤ a) between the averages of the answers of the research sample with regard to their position on the twinning programs due to the following variables: (gender, number of years of experience, and educational attainment) The study adopted the descriptive analytical method. The research community, which consists of (136) principals in secondary schools in the Directorate of Education of Baghdad / Rusafa III, was identified. The research sample was chosen in a simple random way with a percentage of (55.882%) of the research community, as the number of sample members was (76) male and female principals in the Baghdad Directorate of Education, Rusafa Third. A questionnaire was built that included (56) paragraphs distributed among the fields of study: (the objectives of twinning programs, mechanisms of twinning programs, topics of twinning programs, and mechanisms for evaluating twinning programs). The researcher made sure of its validity and reliability. The research data was analyzed using the (SPSS) program, and the questionnaire was applied in the first semester of the academic year 2021-2022. And it reached the most important results: 1- The overall result of the study is that the attitude of school principals towards adopting twinning as a method for developing their schools was high. 2- There are no statistically significant differences in the Al-Touma program due to the variables (gender, experience, and achievement). In the end, a number of recommendations were developed in the light of the achieved results‎‎‎.‎

Keywords: Twinning Programs, Secondary School‎, Administrative Development‎‎.‎