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Fadl Youssof ZEID


The seventh and eighth centuries AH represent a period of prosperity and maturity for all sciences, arts, and knowledge in general, and grammatical studies in particular. These two centuries also witnessed the emergence of distinguished scholars who participated in building the Arabic edifice and its completion. Among these scholars are Ibn Yaish, Al-Malqi ,Nazir Al-Jaish, Ibn Jaber Al-Ama and many others. -The purpose of authorship differed among the scholars of this period, as the writings of a single grammarian may differ in terms of the method of authorship according to the goal that he aims for, so we find - for example - by Ibn Hisham educational books such as Sharh Shadhur al-Dhahab, Sharh Qatr al-Nada, Sharh Jamal al-Zajaji, Ashthar al-Masalak, and Al-Jami al-Saghir in Grammar, expressing the rules of syntax, the objection of the condition to the condition, and other educational books. We also find by the author himself applied books that deal with grammatical rules through the linguistic text, such as the Qur’an, the noble hadith, and poetry. -Some grammarians in these two centuries were also dominated by other interests that were not directly related to Arabic grammar. For this reason, we find among them interpreters, jurists, theologians, philosophers, and rationalists, such as al-Razi Abu Musa al-Jazuli ,Ibn Malik , Abu Hayyan , al-Shatibi and others. This is based on their writings and the information they contained, and the mixing of grammar with other sciences, which led to a multiplicity of levels and confusion of information. -In these two centuries, the direction of applied grammar was evident, and it included the books of syntax of the Holy Qur’an, books of endowment and initiation, books of syntax of abnormal readings, books of syntax of noble hadith, books of syntax of grammatical evidence, books of syntax of poetry, books of riddles and grammatical riddles, and the field of syntax of the Holy Qur’an is considered the most applied grammar The grammarians cared more about the Qur’an in syntax and direction than their interest in other texts, and this will appear clearly during this research.

Keywords: The Syntax Books of The Holy Qur’an; Grammatical Studies