Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 6   Area: Religious sciences

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‎ Azza Adnan Ahmed EZZAT


The linguistic miracle in the Nobel Qur´an has its own flavor, in terms of drawing, sound, formula, and structure. In Al-Alaq surah, we see the subject of the study, is that the first thing that draws attention to it is the congruence of the sounds of its name (Al-Alaq) and the meaning of its three paragraphs. The first paragraph in the first five verses of the surah, which talks about the beginning of creation, the beginning of learning, and the call to acquire knowledge. As for the second sound (al-lam), which is an approximant sound, repeated in the surah 43 times, it agrees with the second paragraph of the surah, which is the longest, and includes verses (6-14) that talk about the deviation of the unbelievers, and wonder about their actions, and determines four types of people towards the Da'wa. As for the third sound (qaf), which is a very explosive sound, it coincided with the third paragraph, which includes the last five verses (15-19) that challenges the deniers and describes their fate and severe torment. It is nice that these divisions coincided with the comma of the surah, as the first five verses and the last five verses ended with the closed sound syllable (CVC), while the nine verses in the middle of the surah (6-14) ended with the open sound syllable (CVV), and because the comma governed by the soothing pause, prompts us to contemplate the significance of the end. The end of the first five verses and the last five in this passage draws our attention to the intensity in the beginning and at the end of the surah; Therefore, we counted the percentage of the long open syllable (CVV), which gives a kind of feeling of temporal calm, and we found what reinforces this, as it represented (10.6%) in the first five verses and (17.64%) in the last five verses, as for the verses of the second paragraph. In the middle of the surah (6-14), its percentage reached (21.25%), in addition, the counting of the high explosive sounds that ended with the closed vocal syllables (CVC) in the three groups was consistent with that and reinforced it.

Keywords: Audio Clip, Al-Alaq Surah, Linguistic Significance, Azza Adnan.