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Amnah Mustafa ALI EMRAN


Tourism as a complex and complex industry is one of the important ‎industries that is characterized by its broad scope, its multiplicity of forms, levels of ‎organization, and its overlap significantly. It is managed, organized, planned, ‎displayed and marketed for its products by many bodies, institutions and ‎companies, in order to implement tourist programs and trips and overcome the ‎problems and obstacles facing tourists, and also Developing countries, resources to ‎achieve their economic and social progress. ‎ This research attempts to answer the main question, which is: what is the ‎important of the role played by tourism companies in tourism marketing? what are ‎most important problems and obstacles encountered ? the answer will be by ‎highlighting the reality of tourism companies in Libya and their role in tourism ‎marketing . All this is based on a descriptive and analytical approach that provides ‎a good explanation of the facts and information related to the subject. In addition, ‎the applied approach was used by conducting some interviews with specialists in ‎the Libyan Tourist Organization.‎ The importance of the research stems from the great role that tourism ‎companies play in tourism marketing, as one of the actors that play a major role in ‎reflecting a beautiful image of the country through their direct interaction with ‎tourists and providing all appropriate services and means that help them rest and ‎enjoy. Thus, the research will contribute to the field of scientific research and enrich ‎scientific knowledge in one of the areas of the tourism industry and its marketing.‎ The research aims to study the reality of tourism companies in Libya and the ‎most important business to market its services, their potential and tourism, and ‎study the most important problems facing tourism companies and the most ‎important proposals to develop them‎.

Keywords: Tourism, Tourist Marketing, Tourist Companies, Tourist Trips,‎ Tourist Supply, Tourist Demand