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Taha Adam AHMAT


This study concerned “Traditional manufacturing and artistic work in Chad- reality and challenges in the period from 2000 to 2020”, the human’s geographical issue specifies this study, which considered the most important human activity since the beginning of the history to fulfill needs and ambitions, where the study had focused. The main importance of the subject where the human studies specially tourism had become of big interest in the regional and international fields as well as it became a local legacy which shows the cultural sides of every society. For this sake and that has been a result of thousands years of life interaction between local societies with habits, traditions and cultural values. Therefore this subject is considered as a new from it contains and discuss to enlighten touristic field in Chad. The study had focused on natural human geography with the reality of traditional manufacturing and valued touristic development field. The study had followed many disciplines like historical analysis with description which lay on history description and analyze the relation between them. And it has come with many results and some of the most important are: 1- Tourism is considered among the most important field in every country thus it contribute in boosting the economy and bringing the most valuable currency; 2- Traditional manufacturing and artistic work contribute on tourism’s marketing from traditional products’ show in forum and meeting to attract tourists. 3- Traditional manufacturing create jobs and reduce unemployment as well it contribute on sharing economical activities and boost the development beside it cultural legacy. The study had come out with many suggestions that we are going to presented to achieve a good future for traditional manufacturing and traditional work by presenting solutions to his handicaps that faced in many fields : a- In technology field: the state should give priority to the use of technology in traditional industries and artistic work so that would become modern and organized. b- In the intellectual field: the state must take the necessary measures to reduce and limit the negative effects that will be inflicted on the various traditional industries. c- The state should establish training centers for traditional craftsmen and research centers to develop traditional industry and ensure quality control of the products.

Keywords: Traditional Manufacturing, Artistic Work, CHAD.