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Islam is a universal religion that encourages science and considers ‎it obligatory for every Muslim, and has never been the cause of ‎retardation. Any science is acceptable unless it is a flag that contradicts ‎Islamic law and its rules. Islam honors scientists and makes them ‎inheritors of the prophets and orders knowledge from birth to death‏.‏ Civilization meaning: "living and staying in urban area and ‎civilization of the city, which is unlike Badia, cities, villages and ‎countryside, so named because the people attended the places and ‎houses of homes that have a decision, remember civilization in the ‎language it means what is the opposite of the Bedouin, means, the ‎inhabitants of cities and villages.‎ A manifestation of Islamic civilization:‎ ‎- Foundations of the system of governance in Islamic civilization, ‎including the method of choosing the ruler and the way of governance ‎‎"Koran and Sunnah, Shura and justice and guarantee freedom of the ‎Muslim and other freedom of choice for his religion.‎ ‎- Islamic civilization and economic life: - Islam built an integrated ‎economic system and organized the methods of collecting money and ‎methods of spending as well.‎ ‏-‏‎ Islamic civilization and its influence on education through the ‎Quran and Sunnah encouragement to acquire science.‎ ‎- Islamic civilization and social impact on life: The signs of Islamic ‎social life and organization from the first moment of the Prophet's ‎founding in the establishment of the mosque and the organization of ‎relations of immigrants and supporters and the conclusion of treaties ‎with non-Muslims in society.‎ ‎- Science: There was a special interest in Islam with science and its ‎types and details such as translation, medicine, mathematics, ‎agriculture and chemistry.‎ ‎- Science and the Arts: It is clear that the great impact of Islamic ‎art in all fields and during the successive Islamic eras and Islamic ‎controversies that continue to the present time on all other civilizations ‎and until now Western societies are affected by Islamic science and art‎.

Keywords: Islamic Civilization, Teaching Skills.