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Vision and Mission


    IJHERviews the most interesting topics of close relatedness to the new topics that point to updated results and motivations. Moreover, the Journal searches for most distinguished subject matters that provide zealous interest by scholars and high study students to write about and tackle. It also looks forward to establishing a bridge of scientific, human and modern communication among researchers from all over the world firstly, and among societies secondly, to strengthen human, scientific, research-based, dialogue, respect and other ways away from dissonance, exclusion, and nervousness of all kinds.



    The Journal seeks to focus on how to connect human societies with each other on the basis of scientific research and common interests , and the basic humanitarian principles that are aimed at upholding man and preserveing his dignity. İt leads scholars to develop their points of view about the new curriculums for under and post graduate levels.Beside, it helps to focus more views on how humanitarian issues find solutions in education and its progress. It seeks to develop scientific research in this field, and to provide opportunities for researchers around the world to contribute to solving human problems, whatever the need to reach High-class human communities away from war, destruction, tyranny, enslavement, poverty, hunger, ignorance, spiritual, ethnic, and moral....