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Mohamadou AMINOU


The world in which we live is characterized by the multiplicity of languages and cultures, and these various peoples are bound to cohabitation and exchange in all areas of life, especially in light of globalization where the world has become a global village. Hence, translation comes to represent an honest and close bridge to link and consolidate relations between peoples and enhance understanding between each other. Hence the title of this research which reads: Adaptation in translation: a case study of transferring some French proverbs into Arabic. The importance of this research lies in the fact that the world today is in dire need of understanding and integration more than ever before to build a peaceful and developed society. Proverbs represent a core cultural aspect and a distinctive feature that distinguishes each people from another. The problem that emerges from this research is to find the appropriate equivalent for proverbs from one language to another, and precisely for some French proverbs in Arabic language. This research aims, based on the translation technique represented by adaptation, to bring the French culture closer to the Arabic speakers in Cameroon in particular, and to help the Arab reader to understand some of the perceptions in the French culture. It contributes to deepen knowledge for translators and interpreters so they can deliver the message in an optimal way, and then enhance understanding between the speakers of both languages which will help to build an integrated and cohesive society to address the current challenges in our world of today. This article is based - in addition to an introduction and conclusion - on three sections: the first section deals with proverbs from the side of culture and translation, the second section presents selected common and current proverbs in French for study, and the third section analyses the Arabic equivalents of these French proverbs and discusses them based on Arabic culture.

Keywords: Proverbs - Culture - Translation - Adaptation – Equivalents.