Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 4   Area: Art and Design

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Zainab Abd ali Muhsen ALZUBADI‎


In the current research tagged (Contemporary Morphological Features in Rugs Design) the researcher tried to shed light on the concept of shape and its features as the design work is an integrated unit, the elements of which are linked to an inseparable unit, since we cannot perceive the relationships between parts, unless our perception first includes the whole perceivable thing (form). It is the relationships between the components of the cognitive sphere and not the fixed characteristics of these individual components that determine cognition. Design is centered on several elements that combine to form the idea of design work that are different innovations for several meanings on the basis of which the artistic construction of the form is accomplished, which leads to the presentation of the internal content to the outside and its manifestation. The design of carpets is an aesthetic artistic product that clearly shows its visual characteristics as it achieves an expression and idea through the artistic output to reach a specific goal and within a certain function achieved according to a certain style, that each work of art has a form and has content, and the form means the general structure on which the construction of the artwork is based, while the content is the meaning that this form carries in its folds and transmits it to others who are willing to see this work The expressive conten-. ‎

Keywords: Features, Contemporary, Formal Features Rugs Design‎.

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