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Methaq shayil ZORA


The 1960 coup in Turkey is a turning point in Turkish political life, as it was the first and last military coup carried out by military personnel. In fact, the coup was surprising to everyone and a dangerous turning point in the development of events in Turkey, although the political and economic conditions that prevailed in Turkey in the second half of the fifties decade were foreshadowing a move by the army. The success of the coup raised many questions inside and outside Türkiye. The parliamentary life it adopted, which was entrenched in the multi-party system since the end of World War II, assumed the availability of constitutional guarantees to prevent the occurrence of such developments in political life. The United States of America, for its part, was supportive of the Democratic Party government throughout the ten years of its rule, but this support soon changed after the party government attempted to re-establish relations with the Soviet Union, and here the United States of America withdrew its support and this was evident in the success of the military coup, which resulted in the removal of the Democratic Party from the ruling power in Turkey on the morning of May 27, 1960

Keywords: Turkey, Coup, American Position