Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 2   Area: Language Teaching

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Racha Mohamed Hassan EL ENANY‎


Since thousands of years, ancient Egyptian civilization grows on the banks of the Nile and Egypt remained with the pharaonic heritage, its warm climate and fresh air, the luxury of its ancient palaces is the center of attraction for the whole world. Egypt aroused the greed of many countries, including France which was among this country colonizing the land of the pyramids. English and French culture interpenetrated on the level of the social life and in the field of literature, arts, architecture and economy. How did grow this interaction? This is what we will try to clarify in this research. In the first part, focus is to show cultural interaction between the two countries via literary and artistic works on the land of pharaohs and we care in the second part on the economic, architecture, arts, transportation and society fields. We teach in wide range linguistic expressions and methods in tourism, guidance and hotelery. At the end we explain the importance of the cultural interaction between the two countries.

Keywords: Cultural interaction, Egypt and France.