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The advertising discourse is one of the discourses that penetrated the society largely. The scholar, who studies it, does not give up trying to analyze its representations and its compact structure; the linguistics and met linguistics. We found that this kind of discourse with its different purposes, economic, social… performs instructive and influential tasks in order to convince the receiver. The receiver receives the discourse in a teaser image in which language and audiovisual mechanisms have been overlapped. In the present study, we intended to apply some theoretical data in analyzing advertisements. That one may stand at the cultural representations deposited in the language of the advertising discourse. Also we intended to examine the extent of its importance in creating ideational affiliation and preserving the collective cultural memory. We relied on the descriptive method beside the analysis. It is the appropriate methods to analyze the advertisement discourse, in which we have to decipher all the meaningful code. We concluded that the producer of the advertisement discourse, uses the cultural representations in intentional to access the society’s memory and cultural identity. In this way, the producer can achieve the promotional goals. We also reached through the language of the advertisement discourse to examine the ideological and socio-cultural reality stacked in reflective patterns

Keywords: Communication, Media Discourse, Advertising Discourse, Cultural Representations