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Essam NOURI, Anas Ali OMAR


Our research deals with one of the modern systems of management, which is the widespread recommendation used in the management of productive institutions that the Iraqi consumer in general and the citizens of the city of Baghdad deal with in particular, as these institutions work and compete with each other to provide the best products in a way that meets the desires of customers to the fullest extent. The problem of the research appears here, which is whether Implementing a distribution system in factories producing kitchen furniture? What are the designer’s ranges to produce the final product according to that system? Therefore, our research aims to demonstrate the reality of implementing the broad procurement system in local furniture production factories in the city of Baghdad, and to demonstrate the extent of the design achieved for the designer, producer, and consumer in that system. While the research includes the spatial and temporal boundaries represented by kitchen companies in Baghdad located on both sides of Karkh and Rusafa for the period from 2018-2021, as well as identifying and defining the scientific terms for the research, which include the following theoretical framework axes (what broad marketing is, the diversity of products within marketing, and the necessary requirements for advertising. As for The research methodology is based on the descriptive approach in determining the research samples, as the researchers relied on the purposive selective method with a percentage of 31.25% of the original research population represented by sixteen companies, which was the measurement tool. In order to obtain the results of the research, an interview form was adopted that included five sub-axes on the basis of which the analysis was carried out, and then it was presented to a group of experts for the purpose of evaluating it and extracting the results of the research. One of the most important of these results was that the product was standard and 100% adjustable in the five models of companies, which was achieved. In the measurements and dimensions of the doors and cabinets, their colors and shapes, as well as the number of pieces and accessories. The consumer also showed his 100% direct active participation in the five models of companies, which is achieved in the color of the material, the doors, their shapes, and the storage locations. We have concluded that the color and type of material, wood and doors are the elements that the customer controls most. When choosing and requesting it, the standard dimensions are almost constant, except for the measurements specific to the customer’s location It may be of a large size and number of pieces, or of a smaller size and number of pieces. The study included a list of Arab and foreign sources, and thus the researchers were able to complete the research process.

Keywords: Broad Recommendation, Kitchens, Kitchen Furniture, Design Ranges