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Laila Mohammed AL-ZRAIDI


The aim of the study was identifying the reality of the electronic journal of the Faculty of Arts at Misurata University, and knowing its compatibility with the standards of a number of databases and directories of international journals. The researcher has applied a descriptive analytical approach to compare and evaluate between what was offered in the electronic journal and the indicators mentioned in the model approved by the University of Al-Quds. According to the results of the study, it was found that, despite the journal has committed to the majority of standard indicators; there is a shortcoming in its website as it needs to be modified in a way that ensures attracting readers. In addition, the receiving date, the date of announcing the publication, and the year of issuance are not documented. Moreover, the researcher's international academic number and the document DOI have not identified in the published articles. It should also be noted that the publication in the journal has ceased since the beginning of the year (2022). A number of recommendations can be suggested which might contribute to the improvement and development of scientific research policies at the Faculty of Arts, Misurata University. First, it is recommended to initiate a scientific research plan. Secondly, it is suggested to develop the faculty members' research skills and competencies locally and internationally by participating in courses designed for this purpose. Thirdly, it is important to provide research scholarships and incentives to the faculty members for publishing their aricles in the journal. Moreover, financial rewards to refereeing committees for reviewing scientific studies can be necessary in order to ensure the continuous issuance of journal. Finally, it is significant to work on classifying and indexing scientific articles in order to make it easier for researchers to access them with less time, effort and cost..

Keywords: Electronic Periodical, Electronic Periodical Evaluation, E-Journal Evaluation Criteria.