Year:2019   Volume: 1   Issue: 1   Area: Child Research

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Sinan Aabdulrahem


Focalisation is one of the main concepts in narration; it is basically linked with the narrator in terms of the mechanisms that he follows in presenting views, their angle and the degree of interest in presenting one part to another. As for the narrator, he has full freedom and unique energy to talk about whatever and however he wants. He may have interests in shedding light on political, religious, social, intellectual, philosophical and psychological matters. He may also make the reader compelled to take his comments and points of view, as the narrator is meant to be the window through which readers overlook all events. Thus, the narrator adds his touches to the events in the narration doing things like commenting on events, deleting others to make things ambiguous or adding more details to make the events more interesting. Therefore, narration is always shaped and affected by the role of the narrator, specifically when he is a lonely well-educated and cultured person. The current research studies Focalisation in a specific literary genre, which is the travel literature. It selects three examples from three books authored by: Hassan Abd Radhi, Ahmed Zaki and Anes Mansour respectively and investigates the diversity of those authors' methods of Focalisation.

Keywords: Author, Reader, Literature.