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Abdullah Suleiman Yahya NASHIRI


Praise be to God, lord of the worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the most honorable ‎of the prophets and messenger, our Master Muhammad and upon all his family and ‎companions and yet: The Holy Quran is the miraculous and immortal book of God, as it is unique in its style – The eloquent Arabs did not realize everything that was in it while they were at the top of ‎eloquence and statement. Likewise, the Quran has many style and miracles through its interest in important issues ‎that open the doors of knowledge to people that no one else opened before, ‎A person may reach the interpretation of any of the verses of the Quran through the ‎advanced and modern means that we live in in our current era. These verses contain cosmic signals that were not known at the time of the revelation, ‎which gives an indication that the Holy Quran is an industry of civilization and the ‎renewed mind of the nation. This paper is considered an inductive research study entitled (Interpretation, its origins ‎and the importance of their presence for the advancement of nations and peoples). To show the extent of the ability To keep pace with the interpretation and its origins of ‎the issues of the times and to achieve the goal of advancing nations and peoples. ‎This research came with an introduction, two chapters, a conclusion and indexes as ‎follows: The introduction includes: The importance of research, research objectives, research ‎methodology, research problem, and research plan. The first topic includes the definition of interpretation and its principles. This topic deals ‎with the definition of interpretation in language and terminology ,the definition of ‎principles in language, the definition of the principles of interpretation in terminology in ‎its compound sense, the status of interpretation and the care for it, as well as the origin ‎and development of interpretation. The second topic came under the title of the impact of interpretation on the progress of ‎nations and peoples. This topic deals with : the interpretation gives new horizons for ‎understanding the revelation as well as the interpretation of the industry of civilization ‎and the renewed mind of the nation. Then the conclusion; it deals with the most important results, which are;- ‎1-‎The interpretation and its principles give: the appropriate solutions for every issue and ‎event in every time and place. ‎2-‎If the entire Holy Quran were apparent, then the scholar and the ignorant would be ‎equal in its interpretation, but its miracles prompted scholars and commentators to ‎work on looking for knowledge of its mysteries and searching for its subtleties. ‎3-‎Researching the interpretation and its origins and exerting efforts by employing ‎modern means increase the quantity and quality of persuasion among many of the ‎recipients and targets of the Islamic call‎.

Keywords: Interpretation, The Origins of Interpretation, Contemporary Issues, Nations‎.