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Nihad Abdullteef ALSAMMRAE, Ameer Kamil HAMZAH


This research aims to highlight the importance of knowledge management as one of the most important contemporary challenges as it is one of the intangible resources in private universities, whose investment is at the core of the work of the higher management of universities. The research followed the descriptive approach (exploratory study) to reach a set of results, including the focus of private colleges on adopting the concepts of knowledge management, because knowledge assets are as important as physical assets, and it is necessary to focus on the human resource and its development and development as the first meaning of the variables and components of knowledge management, It also focused on the need to pay attention to knowledge, its management, ideas and academic qualifications that can serve private colleges and make them in a competitive position with other colleges. The research examines knowledge management and the relationship of correlation and influence between knowledge management and the quality of education in private colleges. The research included three chapters, each chapter had three chapters, and the questionnaire form was used as a tool for data collection (75) questionnaires were distributed, of which (72) were valid. The results were analyzed using the (SPSS) program. Results illustrated in the practical aspect of the third chapter of the second topic, where the results indicated the independence of the implicit knowledge management variables, as the value of the correlation coefficients are close to zero, as shown in Table No. (2) and also the virtual knowledge management variables studied in the research are the other They are independent among themselves, and Table No. (3) clarifies this and also indicates that all the 16 approved variables are independent among themselves, as shown in Table No. (4). The results of the tables (5-------20) indicated that The correlation between each of the studied dependent variables and its relationship with all independent variables is positive, meaning that it is in the direct direction and its value is greater than (0.5) In the sense that they all have a good relationship and tend to be strong according to the variable, and this indicates that the results of the research came with the support of the research theory. Several statistical methods were applied to test the research hypotheses through which they reached certain results. In the end, the research presented a set of recommendations to the researched colleges based on the results that were reached, the most prominent of which was the need to pay attention to knowledge and its management and to ideas and academic qualifications that can serve the colleges and make them in a competitive position with local and international colleges by increasing higher academic qualifications. The top management of the faculties must pay special attention to the researchers and consider them an important source for the decisions of the higher administration (the Deanship) with regard to the development of the faculties, since the majority of ideas are not received from the staff in them only, but also from the researchers in some cases‎.

Keywords: Knowledge, Private University Education.

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