Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 3   Area: Media and Communication

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Nahid Hamza Mohamad Salih AL-ZAIN


Al-Baqt is a covenant that lasted for six centuries between Muslims and Nubia, who were known for the strength of defense, and the intensity of resistance to the campaigns of Muslims, Greeks and Romans. This covenant came different in its clauses from the previous covenants, strong in its drafting, terminator for war, inclusive of the old and the young, from Aswan to the land of Alwa, which included that the people of Nubia remain safe, do not set up a war for them and do not send them an invasion as long as they abide by the conditions stipulated by the covenant. This study contains three topics, the first topic deals with the prohibition of slavery and the emancipation of slaves, the second topic deals with the legal aspects of the Al-Baqt Agreement, and the third topic deals with the media aspects of Al-Baqt Agreement, then comes the results and recommendations that concluded the importance of preserving covenants and principles, and highlighting the role of dialogue and agreements in stopping Wars and conflicts, and achieving peace and stability.

Keywords: Media ` Al-Baqt Treaty` Greeks.