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Asmaa Saud ADHAM, Sarah Maher MOHSEN


This study, entitled (Metaphorical Formation in the Collections of Ahmed Jarallah Yassin), dealt with a recent topic in modern Arabic studies, and sought to shed light onThe aesthetic level of the art of metaphor, which is considered one of the most important arts of Arabic rhetoric, through the extrapolation of some selected models. This art constitutes a distinctive rhetorical phenomenon in the poet’s collections. Its two types are verbal and declarative metaphor, as it represents a highly rhetorical literary image in expressing the poet’s intent and desire, in order to reach the most beautiful image. Poetics draws words and meanings to express the purpose that is in it This art played an effective role in conveying the idea, with its woven poetic images and elaborate visual formation, in addition to the punctuation marks, including the bulleted breaks between. Words and the formation of blackness and whiteness, to finally arrive at the dismantling of the title system in contemporary poetry. The study came as a prelude to the concept of metaphor and its importance, then illumination of the life and achievements of . The poet Ahmed Jar Allah Yassin, and finally an analysis of selections of his poems that includes reference to the aesthetics of the art of metaphor and its visual formation.

Keywords: Metaphor, Poem, Arts.