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Hala Abd alrazaq ALSALAHAT, Ebar A. ALMUSA


The study aimed to identify the nature of moral education and its challenges in the digital age: an analytical study, by reviewing the nature of moral education, its importance and principles, identifying the concept of the digital age and its characteristics, shedding light on the nature of the challenges of moral education in the digital age, and the role of socialization institutions in facing these challenges. In the current study, the two researchers used the analytical approach by analyzing and reviewing previous research and studies, educational and scientific literature that dealt with the subject of moral education and its challenges in the digital age, and thus differed in its methodology from previous studies. The two researchers concluded that moral education is the education of the morality, which includes a set of principles on which ethical behavior is built to distinguish between right and wrong, and the educational learning process in general and particularly in the digital age, needs the educator who has good morals, whose morals are reflected in his dealings with his students, which seeks to consolidate the concepts of moral education in their souls, especially with regard to the arbitration of conscience and the need for commitment and responsibility towards themselves and their society, and raise awareness among them to face the challenges of moral education in light of the technological revolution. Ethics in the digital age, conducting more research and studies regarding the challenges facing moral education in the age of technological openness, and appointing companies and institutions specialized in reviewing and controlling digital content intended for students before it is published, in a way that is commensurate with the specificity of Arab culture, its customs, traditions and established moral values.

Keywords: Moral Education, The Digital Age