Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 2   Area: Literature

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This study is related to the working mechanisms of Arab rhetoricians according to environmental linguistics in constructing the concept of systems. In their practice of it, al-Balaghi has a coherent conception of the act of writing, and he has engaged with this conception in the issues that preoccupied ancient Arabic rhetoric, but the research will invest environmental thought in its first origin, which is the eastern civilizations, to highlight the awareness of Arab rhetoricians about it. For the systematic organization, but relies, for the most part, to his spiritual experience and written practice. This is what makes it more like neo-postmodern writing. He interprets the words of the language and establishes their new idiomatic connotation in a way that the language becomes part of the experience... This is how a slave carried Thus, Abd al-Qaher al-Balaghayoun carried the speech differently from what was set for him, depending on a special understanding of the word (systems); By recalling a forgotten meaning in it and directing it to another direction, new connotations will be obtained from it.The subject combines theory and practice, adopting a genealogical approach.

Keywords: Genealogy, Systems, Eastern Philosophy, The Authority of Discourse.