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In 2011, the Moroccan Constitution recognized the official status of the Amazigh language, so its position in the government project should be determined in order to integrate it in various sectors, through a set of concepts, including the concept of managing linguistic and cultural pluralism in a way that balances the poles of normativity and pluralism. Considering that the Amazigh language knows a great diversity, which is manifested through the multiplicity of linguistic branches circulating in the kingdom of Morocco. In this context, it should be noted that linguistic researchers have focused their attention on studying the Amazigh language and all its phenomena in most of its linguistic branches, such as grammar, morphology, structures, spelling, lexicon and others, in order to lend it. However, the rich semantic aspect remained incomplete in terms of the total number of studies on it, and in order to measure diversity and multiplicity, it is necessary to study the semantic part. Within the framework of semantics as a general framework, I will confine myself to lexical semantics, which is concerned with studying the nature of relationships between words such as verbal participle, antonym, tandem and others. If we limit ourselves to talking about synonyms, we will find that the Amazigh language, like other languages, is subject to the logic of this linguistic phenomenon.

Keywords: Synonyms In Amazigh, Lexical Semantics, Amazigh Dialects, Variety Of Meaning.