Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 6   Area: Media and Communication

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Rasha Ali DHEYAB


Migration is associated with important global issues, including development, poverty, and human rights. Migrants are frequently the most dynamic members of society; migration has historically aided economic development, the rise of nations, and the enrichment of cultures. It also presents significant challenges. The article is based on Halliday´s systematic functional grammar in terms of transitivity and modality. The aim of this article is to investigate the transitivity and modalities of migration as it appears in a number of British tabloids. The focus is on aspects of racism in the media and how to deal with the migration phenomenon. It is important to see how the media plays a role in the reproduction of racism. This article shows attitudes to migration as they have appeared in British periodicals over the last few years. It´s obvious that the role of the media in the reproduction of racism is inextricably linked to the general characteristics of racism and white domination in society, particularly the structural and ideological structuring of that kind of group power. This highlights the press's function as a business, social, and cultural institution. The press has to be examined in connection with the institutions of the economy and the political as well ‎.

Keywords: British periodicals, Culture studies, Migration, Racism