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Alyaa Kadhim ABD ALI, Taggreed Dinar SAIHOOD, Ansam Manhal AZIZ


The research aims to identify: The effect of the judges platform strategy in the achievement of Arabic grammar for second intermediate grade students. The research sample was selected from (66) female students, with (33) female students for the experimental group, and (33) female students for the control group. The problem of weakness in Arabic language in all its branches still exists to this day and many students suffer from it, and weakness is not limited to one branch without another, but includes grammar, morphology, literature, rhetoric, expression and spelling, so I must overcome this problem by following modern methods and strategies from In order toLanguage is the basis of the social system through which man organizes his life, and it is the means through which the religious, legal and moral heritage is transmitted. Without language, there would be no laws governing groups or foundations for interaction between members of society, and there was no cultural and civilizational heritage and heritage for nations and peoples. And our Arabic language is one of the languages that has the main and basic role in the development of the people of society and advancing it forward, so we have to protect it from melody, slippage and confusion in speech. The importance of the research is evident in paying attention to the language in general and the Arabic language in particular, because the Arabic language is the language in which God Almighty revealed the Noble Qur’an, and it is our mother tongue with which we communicate among the members of our society. advance the educational process to the required level. The experimental approach was adopted in the current research procedures and the selection of the design of the experimental and control groups with the post-test, and the formulation of behavioral objectives for the subjects to be taught, and their final number reached (96) objectives, and (18) model plans were prepared for the subjects to be taught by (9) plans for the students of the experimental group and (9) Plans for the students of the control group. An achievement test that included (50) items of the multiple choice type was prepared, and its validity, difficulty coefficient, strength of discrimination, effectiveness of its alternatives, and stability were verified. The researcher used the following statistical methods: T-test for two independent samples, square (ka), item discrimination coefficient, difficulty coefficient, effectiveness of incorrect alternatives, Pearson correlation equation, Spearman-Brown equation. At the end of the experiment, the achievement test was applied to the students of the research sample, and the scores were categorized and analyzed statistically using the T-test for two independent samples. In the post achievement test. In light of the research result, the two researchers put forward a number of recommendations and suggestions related to the research results.

Keywords: Strategy, Judges Platform, Achievement.

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