Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 5   Area: Education

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Salim Saif AL-MAJRFI & Adnan Saleem AL-ABED


This study aimed to clarify the Effectiveness GeoGebra on Software in Teaching " Space Geometry in the Development of Spatial Abilities and Achievement of Eleventh Grade and tried to answer the following two questions: 1. What is the Effectiveness of using GeoGebra Software in Teaching " Space Geometry of eleventh-grade students? To answer these questions, a sample of (52) eleventh-grade students was chosen and divided into two groups: an experimental group with (25) students, studied using GeoGebra Software, and a control group with (27) students, studied using the usual way. To attain the purpose of the study, an educational material for the unit of " Space Geometry " of grade eleven was prepared according to GeoGebra Software Also, GeoGebra Software Achievement test The study result showed statistically significant differences at the level (α=0,05) between the mean score of the experimental group and the mean score of the control group in the GeoGebra Software Achievement test group who studied using GeoGebra Software. In light of these results, the study recommended the importance to enter the GeoGebra of anther dynamic program in the math , to study Space Geometry and providing appropriate and encouraging study environment to improve students.

Keywords: Geogebra, Space Engineering, Software.