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Wafaa Hussein Sayyd HUSSEIN


Industry is the backbone of any civil entity that aims to be economically stable and stand in ‎the ranks of developed nations, and the researcher in industrial geography is usually interested ‎in observing the most important facts about the industry in question in order to develop and ‎elevate it. In this research, it has dealt with one of the types of industrial products which is ‎Furniture that is indispensable by humans. Therefore, the furniture industry is one of the ‎important industrial products globally, and the research presented its reality in Iraq through ‎application to the city of Fallujah, one of the cities of Anbar Governorate, which occupies a ‎central location in the province and the state.‎ ‎Fallujah includes 21 residential neighborhoods with about 112 factories or establishments ‎working in the manufacture of metal furniture type, accounting for 54% of the total number ‎of factories, which is the highest percentage of the number of factories for manufacturing ‎wooden furniture in the city, which numbered about 51 factories only. The reasons for the ‎geographical distribution referred to in the research maps by applying quantitative methods ‎suitable for industrial geography; Where the indicators of industrial settlement were used, ‎and the percentages and the arithmetic average were extracted for the raw numbers for ‎factories, the number of workers, workers' wages, and industry requirements in order to ‎determine the relative importance of that.‎ Through the quantitative presentation of the furniture industry in Fallujah and linking this to ‎the factors of industrial settlement, the researcher has concluded that the city of Fallujah is a ‎city in which the furniture industry is settled. Because it is a primarily residential city that ‎attracts internal migration in a large way, and it also has strong settlement factors such as the ‎network of transport roads surrounding it and the centrality of the city in the country and that ‎it is an area that attracts investment capital for the private sector in that industry in particular. ‎The research has found that there is a close relationship between what Iraq faced periods of ‎wars and economic blockade, and different governments pursue different approaches and the ‎fragility of the Iraqi economy, which led to the adoption of the principle of import from ‎abroad, as the national product is very fragile and of poor and non-competitive raw materials, ‎given that the climate in the country did not allow the cultivation of trees that have woods ‎yield The research recommendations highlighted the necessity of activating interest in the national ‎product, rationing imports from abroad, and cultivating modern trees with techniques that ‎preserve the quality of wood in order to develop the furniture industry in Iraq‎.

Keywords: The Furniture Industry, Import and Consumption