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The private health sector is considered one of the most important Palestinian sectors, as it is considered an essential support for the local and national economy by stimulating the process of growth and progress in medical services such as hospitals, specialized and health clinics, and others, in addition to the medical industrial sector and medical tourism. On the other hand, the pandemic that swept all over the world and affected the health of citizens And its economy has even reached the collapse of some countries. Most of this has recently led to societal, governmental and investment interest in the health sector. Hence, given the importance of the health sector in society and its sensitive role in the health of society, we decided to deepen the study of the health sector in terms of its application to the rules, principles and fundamentals of governance. And its impact on the quality of performance of workers in the health sector In the recent period, the issue of governance has dealt with a major role in the success of institutions in countries, among which scientific and research studies have shown the extent of the strong and well-established relationship between the existence of good governance in the health sector and the improvement of the performance of workers and employees, which leads to an improvement in the services provided to the general public, and therefore it can be said The issue of governance and its application and understanding of its theoretical and applied aspects contributed to achieving the desired goals of these institutions and helped in designing appropriate strategies and restructuring of these institutions in different countries. this study was conducted to find out the effect of governance on the performance of workers in the Palestinian private health sector. To achieve the research objectives, the researchers designed a questionnaire to measure the effect of applying governance standards, the most important of which are transparency, accountability, integrity, efficiency, effectiveness, and the extent of compliance by employees in the Palestinian private health sector on performance quality. Distributing the questionnaire to a random sample of the Palestinian private health sector employees, amounting to 120 respondents. This study relied on the descriptive approach, and the method of data collection was quantitative, and after that the data was analyzed statistically to extract the results that we reached and compare them to understand the relationship between the variables The study concluded that there is a relationship between the application of governance and its standards and the performance of employees in the Palestinian private health sector, and that the application of governance in the Palestinian private health sector is a realistic matter, which the Palestinian health sector has become aware of its importance and is now applying it to obtain an integrated and distinguished employee performance due to the importance of quality performance In the private health sector, because of the sensitivity and importance of the health sector in preserving the health of the citizen and the health of the community

Keywords: Governance, Private health sector, Performance of employees in the private health sector, Governance in the health sector