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Marmi SIHEM, Bounemoura DJAFER


In the history of contemporary arab-islamic though, the tahai project constituted a paradoxical moment through which the right to creativity and philosophical thinking was revealed. The careful examiner, within the folds of taha abd al-Rahman s project, becomes clear to him the major axes, in which he delved into seeking to establish his philosophical project, which can be counted in the following points: -Criticism of abstract rational western modernity. -How to confront it morally-from an Islamic perspective-‏. -Achieving, an Arab modernity that separates from western modernity, in order to establish a moral work based on the principles of the Islamic religion and according to a creative methodology that is not imitative. That is why this study came with the aim of showing the possibility of establishing an Arab modernity based on its beginnings and independent of the westernmodernity system, which was rooted, and rooted in the arab-islamic world, so that it would have sterile intellectual limits. Accordingly, how did taha Abd al- Rahman view creative Arab modernity, as an intellectual project that enabled him to exclude dependence on western modernity?.

Keywords: Modernity, Pro Mind, The Principle of Criticism, Creativity.