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Sabrina OURARI


Caring for the category of children is caring for society as a whole, and the progress of society is measured by its concern for children, identifying their problems and difficulties facing them, guiding them and trying to find appropriate solutions for that. The method of psychological guidance through playing is one of the most important methods of guidance for children, as it is a diagnostic and evaluative method for correcting behaviour. The importance of paying attention to the methods of psychological guidance through playing lies in the fact that it is the best method of communication between the psychological counsellor and the child. Through playing, diagnosis and treatment are carried out, and through play it becomes clear. The psychological counsellor understands the child’s condition because it becomes like a clear page. Playing is a functional entry into the world of childhood and an important educational mediator that contributes to shaping and building the child’s personality from all sensory, motor, social, emotional, and mental aspects. Playing is an important psychological need, as it helps to feel comfortable, reduce stress and anxiety, and social integration. Play is also considered a form of the important methods used in psychology in diagnosing and treating psychological and educational problems. Recent studies have confirmed that children’s playing is the best means of achieving comprehensive and integrated growth. Indeed, Through playing, the mind is provided with new information, skills, and experiences through its various forms that enrich its mental and cognitive potential, give it different thinking skills, and develop higher mental functions such as remembering, thinking, and perception. Through this research paper, the importance of psychological guidance through playing is highlighted because it is one of the most important methods used in the field of children’s guidance and it is essentially based on psychological foundations. It has methods that are compatible with and appropriate to the child’s stages of development, and it is useful in the child’s acquisitions and in diagnosing his problems and treating his disorders. We will try to outline We first investigated defining the concept of psychological guidance through playing, its importance, goals, counselling methods, its benefits in diagnosis and treatment, its procedures and explanatory theories. Secondly, we discussed the definition of playing for children, types of instructive playing, the importance of playing, uses of playing, theories explaining playing, and the relationship between playing and Psychological health. We will conclude the research paper with recommendations and suggestions.

Keywords: Psychological Guidance ; Psychological Guidance Through Play ; Children