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The United Nations has been concerned with the problem of Palestine refugees since its inception in 1948, especially after the resolution n°. 194. However, to what extent has this resolution been implemented, and what is the global stance regarding the Palestine refugee issue? The key issue that drives our research on this subject. It should be highlighted, however, that due to the particularities of the Palestinian refugee, the term "refugee" as used in international law did not apply to them. The definition of a "Palestinian refugee" as defined by UNRWA was developed with the intention of assessing eligibility for recipients of UNRWA aid, rather than being fixed on a single definition. Rather of focusing on the theoretical side, the many definitions of "Palestinian refugee" were intended to address a specific conflict. UNRWA's definition did not align with the definition often employed in international refugee law, nor did it encompass all refugees who were permitted to return to their homes as per General Assembly resolution 194. The 1948 and 1967 wars caused the Palestine refugees listed in resolution No. 194 to be uprooted from their homes and lands. The Israeli occupation authorities' refusal to acknowledge it as the source of the problem's emergence, however, is a contentious aspect of the problem itself. It also distinguishes between the 1967 war refugees, often known as displaced individuals, and the 1948 war refugees. Palestine refugees are still scattered throughout the globe even after the UN overwhelmingly decided to acknowledge their right of return. As long as the Palestinian refugee issue is still a topic for study, it will get worse and make it more difficult for many Palestinian people to flee their homes as a result of the direct conflict between Israel and Hamas that broke out on October 7, 2023. The Palestinian refugee issue remains a problem that is being studied

Keywords: Refugee, International Law, Resolution194, The War, UNRWA