Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 3   Area: Psychology

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The right to life , protection against torture , inhuman and degrading treatments , the prohibition of slavery , servitude and forced labor aim to protect the physical and moral integrity of the human person.These rights are enshrimed in several national (constitutions), international and regional legal orders. As for the international legal orders , it is the universal declarationn of human rights of 1948 (articles 4,5,6,7 and8), the international covenant on civil and political rights of 1966 . We can cite the European court of human rights , the charter on fundamental rights of European Union in year 2000 (articles 2, 4 et 5) , the American convention of human rights of 1969 (articles 4,5 et 6) , the African charter on human and people’s right of 1981 (articles 4 5) , the arab charter of human rights (article 5) , this charter wich has never manifested itself in the field of human right. It is imprtant to note that the right to life and the physical integrity probe absolute right ( they are among the smal hard core of rights deemed intangible or inderogeable by international law,because they do not suffer from any legitimate restructions unlike other rights which have restructions. As for the problem that arises in our communication, it consists in defining the right to life and to physical integritiy , while evoking the mechanisms for their protection by international human rights law (international conventions ,international covenants ,declarations and charters).‎

Keywords: The Right; The Life; Physical Integrity; Mechanism; Protection.