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Safaa FLayyih HASAN


This research came under the title of the role of Islamic stock markets in redressing financial crises in traditional markets, and the research problem was summarized in the following main question: Is the Islamic stock market qualified to be an alternative to the traditional stock market in order to avoid the recurrence of financial crises, and the research derives its importance from the importance of the topic, In terms of the ability of the Islamic stock market to treat and avoid falling into the financial crises that occur in the traditional stock markets resulting from the activities of these markets, by offering Islamic financial products and dealing with them in accordance with the principles and foundations of the Islamic economy, and the current research aims to highlight the most important financial crises resulting from Some of the activities of the traditional stock markets and the identification of the most important Islamic financial instruments, the possibility of replacing the traditional financial instruments, the statement of the Islamic vision for the causes of financial crises, the identification of remedial strategies and the prevention of financial crises from an Islamic perspective. The researcher used the historical method by tracking some of the time facts of some Historical stages such as the stages of the emergence of the traditional stock market and Islamic studies, as well as the chronology of the most important financial crises and the descriptive analytical approach by describing the processes that occur in the stock market and showing the mechanisms of trading in securities and analyzing their controls and the extent to which they can be dealt with in the Islamic stock market as well as addressing the analysis of indicators of exposure to crises and the explanation of the reasons for their occurrence.

Keywords: Islamic Stock Markets