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Adyan Younis Yassin AL RUBAIE


Urbanism is a human tendency towards development, cognitive growth, ‎progress and creativity in various fields, and it has an active presence in ‎the physiological structure of humans in general and the artist in ‎particular. Urbanism is an obsession that expresses the artist’s interest in ‎lifestyle, movement and daily interaction. ‎The research study included four chapters: (The first chapter) ‎contained the methodological framework of the research, which ‎consisted of the research problem, its importance, and its goal ‎represented by (revealing the urban tendency in Impressionist painting). ‎‎(The second chapter) dealt with the theoretical framework of the ‎research, which consists of three sections: (The research study The first) ‎aesthetic approaches to the concept of urbanity, and (the second ‎section) included representations of the city in the Middle Ages, the ‎Renaissance, and Classicism, and (the third section) dealt with urban ‎features in contemporary European painting. (Chapter Three) included ‎research procedures that consisted of a research community of (20) ‎models, and the researcher used the structural (descriptive) analysis ‎method in analyzing (the research sample) of (3) pictorial models of ‎Impressionist school paintings.‎ ‎(Chapter Four) discussed the research results and conclusions, and ‎the study also reached some recommendations and proposals‎‎.

Keywords: Urban Tendency, Manifestations of Urbanization, Aristocratic Society, ‎İmpressionism.