Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 3   Area: International Relations

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The Turkish-Greek energy rivalry in the eastern Mediterranean is one of the important developments that the region has known over the past few years. The outcome of this rivalry is of great importance not only for the two States but for the entire region, given the status and importance that the two States occupy and their relationship with regional and international Powers. We have therefore tried, through our theme, to identify the backgrounds and causes of this rivalry and to define its mechanisms and future directions. What can be emphasized is that the most important conclusion that has been drawn is that it is not possible to understand the reality of this competition by relying on the immediate reasons. We mean here to focus on the legal factor, where we found that the latter overlaps with other backgrounds related to history, economic and Geo-strategic interests. On the other hand, and with a view to maximizing their interests, Greece and Turkey have engaged in a number of strategies, ranging from security, political and economic strategies, and it is clear to us that the Greek movement has been associated mostly with regional and international alliances as opposed to the Turkish movement. We have also come to the conclusion that the scenario of confrontation and escalation will remain unlikely over the next few years, as there are several signs that peace will prevail over war.

Keywords: Turkey, Greece, East Mediterranean, Competition, Strategy, Manoeuvres, Hubs, Alliance, Anabaptism Wars.