Year:2020   Volume: 2   Issue: 1   Area: Education

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Mubdir Shihab AHMED & Karama H. HUSSAİN


This study aims at showing the types of turn-taking and its relation to cooperative principle and Grician maxims, which organize speech information and duration of speech of the participants. It is hypothesized that the adjacency pair is the dominant type that controls the conversation, and the classroom conversation is a formal conversation rather than being informal, regardless the age and gender of students and teacher. Some selected conversations of different environments will be analysed according to the types of turn-taking which is posed by Cook (1989). It is obvious that classroom conversation contains a lot of questions which require answers. Thus, the students frequently answer the questions that are posed by the teacher. This gives an indication that the adjacency pair is used a lot in the classroom, which organizes the role of each participant. Also, the overlapping is few in the classroom, because the conversation in such environment is systematic more than other places. The formality of school obliges teachers and students to use formal language as an academic institution, beside the formal language of the books. The study involves an introduction, a theoretical background, data analysis and results, and finally conclusions.

Keywords: turn-taking, Teacher, conversation.