Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 5   Area: Education

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Abdulsalam Hameed ALRAMADHANI


This study aims to emphasis the importance of continues utilization of ‎modern technologies and facilities, which educational institutions used during ‎Covid- 19 pandemic and how it is crucial at this stage to search for creative ‎methods to develop them. The study sample consisted of (8) academic ‎supervisors and (34) student teachers representing four schools within ‎Muscat educational Governorate. In order to achieve study objectives, ‎researcher applied “Mixed Methods Methodology” which combines ‎quantitative and qualitative data. Moreover, he prepared a questionnaire and ‎set interviews to collect data from study sample based on previous literature ‎reviews and evaluating tools applied on student teachers. Thus, study ‎outcomes indicated the preference of using direct broadcasting in ‎supervising student teachers, along with attendance and remote supervision. ‎Actually, (95% of study participants) indicated the importance of increasing ‎the number of remote supervisory visits, which utilizes live broadcasting. ‎Furthermore, the study confirmed that remote supervision using live ‎broadcasting has many advantages and they are completely different from ‎remote supervisions, which educational institutions used in remote teaching ‎during Covid-19 pandemic). Besides, the study revealed that in the future ‎remote supervision would contribute effectively in solving different challenges ‎students in higher education institutions face. They will encourage student ‎teachers, academic supervisors and institutions to work hard and discover ‎new methods to sharpen their skills and enhance their capabilities. ‎Additionally, educational institutions will be fully equipped and will prepare ‎future teachers with twenty-one century skills, taking into consideration the ‎necessity of preparing special evaluation forms for each educational system ‎depending on the criteria these institutions adapt.‎

Keywords: Remote Supervision, Live Broadcasting, Practical Education Students

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