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Baydaa Abdullah ABHIAT


Ideas that do not consider women to have a significant role in the economic life of any society have diminished, and any country that does not believe that women are half of society and works on equality between men and women leads to weak returns that can be reaped by that economy, and weak growth rates. Many countries have excluded women from economic life and prevented them from carrying out any activity in society because of old habits that paralyzed the economy's ability to rise and grow. There is no doubt that women's participation in economic activities will theoretically contribute to more growth and advancement of economies undisputedly. In the process, women still face many difficulties because of the systems and culture, especially the difficulty of obtaining money in their societies, as well as their inability to make economic decisions related to buying and selling due to societal restrictions and customs that reduce the importance of women’s involvement in work, as empowering women in the economy and bridging gaps Gender in the world of work is essential, and women's economic empowerment includes their ability to participate on an equal footing in existing markets, and meaningful participation in economic decisionmaking at all levels from the family to international institutions, and aims to promote women's economic empowerment to increase productivity, economic diversity, social development, and equality in Income between the two sexes. Women's access to education has a fundamental role in empowering them economically, as well It is designed to enable them to keep pace with the rapid technological and digital transformations, and it also helps them obtain prestigious jobs in institutions and creates new opportunities for them, which reflects positively on the country’s economy, just as without economic development, lasting peace will not be achieved, and investing in women’s economic empowerment generates gains Short and long-term social and enhances women's participation in decision-making.

Keywords: Women and Economic, The Economic Decisions, Economic empowerment of women.