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Dina Ahmed OMAR


Women's empowerment and economic development are closely ‎linked in one direction. Only development can play a major role in ‎reducing inequality between men and women. In the other direction, ‎empowering women may benefit development. The relationship ‎between empowerment and development is reciprocal and a ‎continued commitment to equality per se may be needed to achieve ‎equality between men and women‏.‏ ‏ This study examines the economic empowerment of women in ‎selected Arab countries (Iraq, Qatar, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, ‎Jordan, the Arab Republic of Egypt and Algeria) during the period ‎‎(2000-2020) using the ordinary least squares method. In this study, ‎we reviewed the concept and factors that affect women’s ‎empowerment. Which in turn affects all other variables in these ‎countries, the most important of which are the political and social ‎aspects. For the purpose of knowing the factors affecting the ‎economic empowerment of women, the study adopted the ‎quantitative method to estimate these factors, which are (the ratio of ‎women’s enrollment in secondary education to males, the average ‎life expectancy at birth for males). females, fertility rate, per capita ‎GDP)‎‏.‏ ‏The results of the study found that the most important factors ‎influencing the economic empowerment of women in most Arab ‎countries are health, the ratio of women’s enrollment in secondary ‎education to males, average life expectancy at birth for males and ‎females, and the per capita GDP, whose effect was significant and ‎positive, while it was found that the fertility rate It appeared morally ‎and negatively‎.

Keywords: Economic Empowerment of Women, Selected Arab Countries.‎‎