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In This research we will address the topic of cognitive behavioral therapy, which is considered one ‎of the modern therapeutic methods, and although the Field of contemporary psychotherapy abounds ‎with multiple schools and methods that may reach more than a hundred forms of psychotherapy, ‎behind this contradiction, ron zen 1990 considered CBT as a model for the best therapeutic ‎strategies because it contains an integrative view of the expression of behavior.‎ This integration lies in the various currents in psychotherapy. cognitive behavioral therapy as in ‎effective set of procedures that include assessment, planning, decision- making, and behavioral ‎playing techniques, as the therapist plays an active and supportive role in it, using several technique, ‎from psychological of thinking with education to role-playing and live or imagined behavioral ‎exposure, which helps patients to deal, patterns adaptive.‎ Is also based on cognitive-behavioral therapy on the cooperative therapeutic relationship ‎between the therapist and the patient, in the light of which the personal responsibility of the patient ‎is determined for all his distorted thoughts and irrational, dysfunctional beliefs that may be ‎considered primarily responsible for those disorders he suffers from or the consequent distress and ‎distress, cognitive-behavioral therapy is also based on the light of thinking, expectation and beliefs ‎in the development and persistence of disorders and thus intends to change them by using ‎procedures derived from learning theories based on learning and cognitive processes. Certain, the ‎problem posed by this research is what are cognitive-behavioral treatments? How effective and ‎efficient is it in solving psychological problems? Can it be a psychotherapeutic alternative to ‎medication in solving psychological and mental disorders?‎ The research aims to highlight the concept of cognitive-behavioral therapy and to indicate its ‎principles, importance and goal- identifying the multiple theories of cognitive-behavioral therapies, ‎highlighting examples of cognitive-behavioral therapy practices- detecting the extent to which this ‎technique is practiced in reality in psychiatric clinics and the extent of the efficacy of these ‎treatments in solving psychological problems and the various disorders of anxiety, tension and ‎jealousy.‎ ‎- evaluation of the activities of psychiatric.‎ ‎- learn effective psychological therapies.‎

Keywords: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Reality, Application, Clinical Medium