Year:2020   Volume: 2   Issue: 3   Area: Education

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Saba Hussein MAWLA


The research found that education, in order to regain its status, must take into account a set of variables, including: modernizing educational systems in terms of increasing teacher sufficiency, improving curricula and teaching methods, paying attention to the education infrastructure, and leaving the scope of education by indoctrination to education by training, and when Iraq reaches the level of comprehensive enrollment in The education system will have achieved its obligations in the field of human rights, and it will also have achieved the goals set by the international community under the policy of "Education for All". The future of Iraq is the future of its children related to providing a safe and healthy environment for learning, character building, free critical thinking, armament with knowledge and willingness to assume responsibility, work, respect the law, cooperation and solidarity with others.

Keywords: Education, Student, Teacher.