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Khawlah Abdu Lhsan Abd Ali ALJASHEAMIU, Inam Eesa Kadhim AJAM


The use of raw materials in contemporary sculpture is a practice aimed at ‎maintaining indicators of the development of work in the field of art. A variety of ‎materials are used in the manufacture of contemporary sculpture, and this includes ‎the use of sustainable wood obtained from well-established forests that contribute to ‎the availability of a variety of Wood sources, in addition, the possibility of using ‎recycled materials such as iron, glass and recycled plastic in unique construction ‎work, all in reducing loss and making better use of available resources‏.‏ ‏ ‏It includes the research of the problem, importance, goals, limits of the ‎research and its methodology, the research objectives, the search for products, ‎results, recommendations, suggestions and sources, where the main options in ‎contemporary sculpture are with the questions: What are the materials that have the ‎ability to survive and endure, and is the artwork affected by various environmental ‎factors such as resistance to water, humidity, heat and light? ? The importance of ‎research and the need for it is to shed light on many of the materials that can be ‎used by students, including sports waste wood, environmental glass, organic patents ‎such as wool and reeds, and since with materials, it reflects an awareness of ‎multiple issues and continues to capture the masses and find creative solutions. ‎challenges, and artists can experience joint creative work through the use of ‎important or shared materials. The aim of the research is to use functional materials ‎in contemporary sculpture that reflects concern for the environment and natural ‎influences. Artists exploit re-engineered materials and other basic elements, ‎especially wood, as they participate in Awareness of the issues. The research also ‎includes the opening words, which were represented by sustainability linguistically, ‎terminologically, and procedurally, as well as language, terminologically, and ‎procedurally‎‎.

Keywords: Sculpture, Sustainability.