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Ahmet Hakan ÖZKAN


Abusive supervisors create pressure on employees and make them feel uncomfortable. People exploited by managers may be ostracized or supported by other employees. This tendency is actually significant in showing how organizations stand against abusive supervisors. Perceived organizational support can give an idea of how employees tend to be. The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between perceived organizational support and abusive supervising. For this purpose, data was collected from 93 nurses in Turkey. IBM SPSS program was used when evaluating the data. After factor analysis was performed, Pearson correlation coefficient was found and ANOVA analysis was performed. Finally, regression analysis was performed. Abusive management was found to have a significant effect on perceived organizational support. However, the level of this effect was determined to be small. Similar studies were conducted in other countries and higher results were found. The value obtained in Turkey was relatively lower. These findings can be used by top managers. It will also be a guide for academics

Keywords: Perceived Organizational Support, Abusive Management, Nurse.